Basically, this is a company that offers real estate brokerage services and has at least two brokers. But in many cases, the real estate team has more than two people. For example, our team includes advertising and marketing experts, an administrative assistant, and six brokers who can offer a complete service regardless of the needs of our clients. It is the combination of our strengths and our respective expertise that allows us to impress our customers every day and above all to deliver exceptional results every time. A real estate team will allow you to carry out your project with confidence, be it the sale of your property, a purchase, a real estate investment, or a commercial project.

However, we have noticed that some people are not familiar with the concept of real estate teams. Is it better to work with an independent broker or a real estate team? You probably suspect our answer ...

Myth 1: It costs more to call a real estate team.

This is a very tenacious myth ... but false!

It is not more expensive to do business with a real estate team than with a single real estate broker. What a good news!

When you use the services of a team, you are assigned to a broker (depending on your geographic area or type of property, for example). This broker will receive a commission at the time of the sale of your house, at the same rate requested by an independent broker. A portion of this commission is then used to fund the services provided by the team. That's all!

But be careful when choosing a team. In many cases, the focus is aimed too much on the team leader, his network, his image and his skills. Be sure to choose a team that will offer you a competent broker who will take care of you from the beginning to the end of your transaction.

That's why our team offers you a group of associate brokers who all have different areas of expertise, and who all already have their own network and real estate experience. Our mission is to always offer a superior service and approach.

A team will work several files simultaneously, so an organized and conscientious Team Leader is important; His main task is to ensure good management and productivity, to expose the Team to a large number of opportunities as well as to maintain good collaboration with other brokers / teams and other professionals (notaries, inspectors, mortgage specialists…) The Team Leader must demonstrate business management and coaching skills and always direct his decisions towards the interests of his entire team.

In addition, in our case, we are proud to have among us a certified Broker AEO (Agency Executive Officer) who helps us to always apply the rules of the OACIQ (Organisme d’autoréglementation du courtage immobilier du Québec) at all times. He sees the best interests of all our clients, and helps our brokers perform their work according to the rules and regulations whatever the complexity of the transaction.

Finally, do not forget ... to buy a property, the services of a real estate team are always free!

Myth 3: It is not more efficient to sell or buy my house with a team if you assign me a real estate broker

When you use the services of a team, you benefit from the expertise of all its members, even if a broker works more closely with you!

You are assigned a broker so that a qualified professional can negotiate and sign the sales contract. This broker has all the expertise and time to devote to you on every aspect of the purchase or sale of a property since he benefits from constant support for the administration of his records.

You will notice a certain difference in productivity. If you want to buy a house, several members of our team work to identify properties that meet your criteria. If you want to sell, our marketing agency and our team leader ensure, through well-planned strategies, to advertise your house in order to expose it to as many potential buyers as possible. In short, thanks to the joint efforts of our team, we are increasing the potential of our brokers, who can therefore free up more time to work with you individually.

The verdict

To conclude ... we can say that there is no disadvantage to work with a real estate team! Whether selling or buying a property, a team will always work better and more efficiently than a single broker.

So, there are only advantages to using our real estate team!

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